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Interview Excerpts with PHI BULANI about his artistic endeavours for 2008.
This is PHI BULANI as Hamlet" TO BE OR NOT TO BE"
Noph: So Phi- Playing Hamlet? Is it; to be, or not To be?
PHI: Hah! That's a million dollar question. Playing Hamlet is still with-in my realm. For me it's just one of those roles-
Noph: Christ, Hamlet and Elvis- right??
PHI: Geeze, why do i feel naked all of the sudden??
Noph: Well it is winter, there are a lot of drafts!
PHI: Hah, - cute, seriously though; "those 3- spirits" if you will- are huge, all three resonate very deeply for me at a core level, [can't believe i just said that]
Noph- "Gospel Of PHI"? *
PHI: "Gospel Of PHI" *, - and being an actor, i have the desire to explore those "spirits" in a performance capacity. If i wasn't an actor, i would be immersed in them regardless.
Noph: So, back to Hamlet.
PHI: Right, back to Hamlet- thats a goal thats on a five year plan. As it is, Ben Carlson will be playing the role at The Stratford Festival Of Canada, and of course Jude Law will be working with Kenneth Branagh under his production Company. So that in itself puts me on 5 year plan- hah, and let's not forget the ambitious work of Raoul Bhaneja in Hamlet Solo.
Noph: That must have been a huge undertaking.
PHI: No Shi-t, never the less I'm still into playing the role, and i'm doing the memory work for it, so I'll play that role when the time is right. I don't think there's such a thing as too much Hamlet floating around. You know what they say about too much of a good thing.
Noph: Can be dangerous?
PHI: Well i was thinking -Can be beautiful, i'm not all that much for moderation myself! lol. ahem, Ahah,hah,hah- like i said, it's still very much with-in my realm.
Noph: So it is to be then?
PHI: When the time is out of joint- I'll know it- and i'll be ready to act.
Noph: Hah! So dramatic.
PHI: That's the fun of it after all- "The plays the thing... "
Noph: Happy New Year by the way.
PHI: Yes- sO fAR!
*The Gospel Of PHI is a Short Film by Mighty Brave/ Zebra Pictures, and is currently doing the short film circuit. Last screened in Bethesda Maryland.

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