Sunday, April 22, 2007


It's William Shakespeares birthday and THIS IS PHI BULANI celebrates with exciting news~

This just in from: WWW.PHI BULANI. COM

PHI BULANI is "...working his shakespeare off"

In an earlier blog, several of us we're discussing what and where we would like to see PHI performing, he has reported that he's "Gone Back to the Bard... -and working his Shakespeare off."
'How do i love thee?' Shall i compare...
"I've Gone back to the Bard, I've been pouring over his plays and collected works for sometime now, i could always understand him, even as a child. Although music was always my first love, it was reading Shakespeare in school that turned me on to acting, (that and Olivia Hussey in Zefferelli's Romeo and Julliet) anyhow, i use to visit the london public library, and take out vinyls of various performances and productions of The Royal Shakespeare Company amongst others- so the likes of Olivier, Gielguid, Guiness were my earliest influences- i could really inhabit his work that way- it enabled me to enjoy it, rather than merely "study it". So yes, of late, i've gone back to the Bard, the scale is operatic, and like an operatic performance- or oneman show, even some two handers- the memory work is enormous- so yeah i guess you could say i've been working my Shakespeare off." lol

Point of interest~ Phi Bulani and Wlliam Shakespeare share the same horoscope. Both are Taureans. Shakespeare was born April 23 and Phi Bulani on April 29th, a mere 400 some years apart. Happy Birthday Wil!

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