Friday, June 27, 2014

THIS IS PHI BULANI and A pre- fringe Q&A. Phi Bulani  Part 1

Tarragon Mainspace, Toronto ON

Q. What can you tell us about Elvis and Dick?

A. Well, you'll leave feeling good!  It's a fun musical phantasm of a script, with sexy performers, written and directed by Brian Kennington in the Elvis movie tradition, with some twists and turns that spin that formula on it's head a bit... Brian's has seen a kind of interdependency of time and connective tissues between Nixon and Elvis... and we get a sense of their humanity.

Q. Is this a two hander Phi?

A.A. No-oooho ho- o no, not in the least.  We have a cast of 7 including myself, with Kevin Jollimore playing Nixon, Kensington Market's frequenters will know Kevin from his Sin City Boy's band, and while we may have the lion share of the script... we have a great supporting cast of actors and musicians on stage with us  featuring Sarah McGowan as little Big Red, and Allison Edwards-Crewe (Hairspray) as the very sexy Kitten with a whip singing Don't Be Cruel.  Brendan Shoreman (The Dream) turning out some hilarious moments, as Ryan McKeen (Speare) Trevor Ketcheson round out the cast as two key members of the Memphis Mafia that were there the day Elvis and Nixon met.

Q. Is it recorded music?

A. Live band baby, right on stage with us the whole time, we have Roger McKeen, who plays a mix of rhythm and lead guitar, he's playing on a Martin and a Fender, (not at the same time) Edward Kennington playing beautifully on his Washburn Bass, and with Angelo Bernardo, on his Gibson semi-hollowbody and pedals playing Lead, and a very special guest on snare!  We're going for the sound of the time and we're rockin' the house baby! 

Q. Very cool, what the synopsis?  

A. Elvis and Dick is a musical comedy based on the famous meeting held between President Richard Nixon and Elvis Presley, where the King aspired to become a Federal Drug Agent, features 15 hits of the King.
Click on link to find exact days and times as well as purchasing tickets ahead.  This is a limited engagement, and tickets are selling fast.

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