Thursday, May 29, 2014


This just in from and EXCITING news a foot for Elvis fans, Fringe fans and Phi fans a like! hahah 

Check this poster out man!  

Now y'all notice when you attempt to download this free downloadable poster, suitable for autographs and framing, well, you'll also notice uhhh, that the name of this jpg is Elvis and Dick Fringe Poster, which is better than Elvis with Dick Fringe Poster!  At any rate, I love this poster man, and this production, is loaded with lots great Elvis type fun, with some real moments of 
" truthi---ness"  if I can borrow so boldly from Stephen Colbert. In fact...

"... and in fiction, I'm pretty sure Elvis Himselvis will be looking down and laughing his heart out! 


uh huh huh 

*Early PR Pics for Elvis and Dick, with Kevin Jollimore as Richard Nixon and Phi Bulani as Elvis
For show times, venue and other fun pics and facts, 
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