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PHI Remembers Evel Knievel

" Before bloggers start thinking i'm just about american icons, or artists or entertainers for that matter. [I mean i'm looking at this blog- while we speak, and it's seems part morgue, and part me!!] Also, I'm just not that politicallly minded. I'm a spirit guy. So; work that i identify with, or have been entertained by, or artists that resonate with me, i like to acknowledge, especially when they shuffle off their mortal coil. So here's another- Bobby Knievel, or Evel Knievel. The guy had spirituo loco- man. There's poetry in those jumps of Caesars Palace, and Portland Oregon; Pathos and Glory. Watch them for yourself - they're on youTUBE.


I also think he'd make a great film script, 'cause he had a kind of poetry, and somewhere that went out like a candle, i think he could be a very compelling character to explore the triumph of spirit, and "the agony of defeat" as they used to say. 'Course he's already been played by George Hamilton- which is a gas to have in your movie library- Hamilton's Knievel is cool and has a great sense of humour.

It's a dream man, to the order of a story by Jorge Luis Borge. He's one of the first to have an action figure and comic book, i'd love to play that guy in a flic,


i'm a good likeness, could be a great grindhouse film.


"When I was working on Simon Joynes "Dump Guys" i played this guy named Duane Stevens, he was an underachiever, with this crazy homelife, but he had poetry, because he had sense of self in the world, i gave him a very strong backstory- anyway he pulls a kids bike out of the dumpster, and starts riding around the dump, and for that minute he forgets himself -and why? Cause he's Evel Knievel- otherwise he would have just been a guy on stage driving around a set of a dump. You see, so that's what i'm talking about- the ability to dream ourselves into being."


Photo Credits:

Evel Knievel Archival Pictures/ Different Sources

Tedfred Myers / PHI BULANI as Duane Stevens

Lina Zambri: PHI BULANI as PHI in The Gospel Of PHI

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