Thursday, May 24, 2007


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Photo by John Bertram

Noph: Nice abs.

PHI: tHANKS! ~200 crunches a day

Noph: Phi what can you tell us about your recent experience with the new Mighty Brave/Zebra Pictures project?

PHI: Well first and foremost, the team of creatives is incredible, and by creatives i actually mean everyone involved in the process. Lisa Wegner, put together a great group of people.

Noph: I visited their Myspace site, they're really churning it out, 3 projects a year by the looks of it, and to much acclaim as well... i noticed one of they're sayings is "Find talent and stick to it like glue".

PHI: Yeah, i liked that one too! lol. Their approach to filming a story keeps things very fresh- to my mind, filming anything is a recipe of observation and revelation. Donnie Mullins is good at both those things.

Noph: What's the storyline? What's it about??

PHI: Well, there's a few things going on in it, i think it explores the pursuit of happiness, through the underbelly of a life coaching firm. Which is hilarious in itself. i mean, nearly everyones listened to a self help cd or tape, or read a book, or at the very least, heard of Dale Carnegie. So i think the lines of consciousness run very deep, and this film will resonate with a lot of people as a result.

Noph: Did you base your character on anyone in particular?

PHI: Not consciously. He's kind of a tale of two Jacks! lol. Jack Webb's 'Sgt. Joe Friday' meets the motivational speaker Jack Zufelt.

Noph: OK, i get the Oscar Wilde/ Sgt. Friday/ Dragnet references. But who's Jack Zufelt??

PHI: hah! very good. Jack Zufelt is a motivational speaker, who used, or uses the sexy treatise or catch phrase "the power of desire" ~or tapping your "Core Desires". Guy made a lot of money, and changed a lot of lives i suspect(hopefully for the better- so thanks Mr. Zufelt-where ever you are!

Noph: That's timely, the whole life coaching thing is so prevalent and pervasive in our current culture.

PHI: It's inevitable, that we struggle as we do, we're sold and told so much that's its hard to know what to believe these days, and it's difficult to have respect because a lot of it doesn't really stand-up to the fires of truth.

Noph: That's a rather serious thought.

PHI: It is, and this film promises to be seriously funny! My role follows the tragic arc of an underdog. You'll laugh and cry~guaranteed. It's first screening will be at Atom Egoyans Camera Bar on June 21st. Again, check out the link below for more details.

Noph: Will do.

PHI: Thanks nophy, make peace one of your core desires, and peaceout.

Noph: lol.

Check out Mighty Brave Blog at more details and updates.

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