Sunday, September 30, 2007


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PHI Remembers


James Byron Dean



"Man, the guy was so young when he died- I mean, James Dean was one of my first inspirations, it was actually a bio pic of him i saw with Stephen McHattie that really turned me on to being an actor, i saw reflections of myself, I would imagine there are some actors who wouldn't, but as far as his acting goes, my jaw still drops when i see Dean on screen, East of Eden in the kitchen, with Raymond Massey, Dean kind of staggers out the door sobbing "i hate you"... it's starlight flecked with gold- man- I dunno, Dean and Brando, man- i guess i'm still very much a fan you know."


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Wednesday, September 19, 2007


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Sunday, September 16, 2007


We've been surfing and digging and found some fun Pictures Of PHI
We don't know who everyone is, but we're pretty sure thats PHI in full Data Make-up.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007



Remember Peace

Check out Google Video Bar ~ PHI BULANI~ A Quest for Peace
"Remember Peace"

Phi Bulani

Thursday, September 06, 2007


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"Penso che una vita per la musica sia una vita spesa bene ed e' a questo che mi sono dedicato"
Luciano Pavarotti

"I think a life in music is a life beautifully spent and this is what I have devoted my life to."



"When i first heard his voice it was as though all the angels of all the heavens had played their trumpets in unison- i was thrilled, frightened, and inspired all at once..."

Phi Bulani


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Tuesday, September 04, 2007


A Telephone Interview

Noph: I had a convo with PHI today over the phone in respose to his fan Newsletter The PHIfan

About Reviews

NOPH: I see in the newsletter that at WWW. PHI BULANI. COM you've added some reviews of past performances, knowing how you feel about critics and reviews-

PHI:-"Well i haven't personally, but i've ok'd it."

NOPH: -Care to comment?

PHI: "Not really-

NOPH: ok then-

PHI: Just kiddin y' first of all, i've actually had a lot more positive reviews than negative-

NOPH: Yes... but the positive ones can't be the problem?

PHI: " Well here's the thing," reviews"-everybody reads 'em, sometimes we pay attention, sometimes we don't. I have no problem with them, when they are thoughtful, interesting, or well written- the various artforms, and artists need them, the reviews, the pr,- no such thing as bad press etc.etc. Whats whack to me is what masquerades as review, or artistic criticism, because
what you have too often is a ' go- don't go approach.' And now we have people going on virtual archival digs- which is a bit concerning because an artist is now subject and vulnerable to repeated critical exposure, by that same critique, -for an old review! To better illustrate, if some crack ass critic reviews a performance of mine, and time passes- maybe years, and now present day- someone "googles" my name and they get exposed to that review... of yesteryear; now the googler in question might be a relative, a long lost friend, or maybe one of the phifans or something -and it hurts their feelings you know, or worse yet, a director or producer and they're thinking of working with me- so what i actually have a problem with is this type of shelf life- particularly with the so called bad ones haha, lol. I'm pushing this to an absurd extreme obviously-for effect, i don't think it's enough to say dems the brakes. Seriously though, think about it- some ass writes a review, and i get to live with it, and may have to work against it! While they go on and write another review, or get moved to sports... i mean c'mon, it's a bit out of line... so i'm just trying to balance the scales a bit- i think it's only fair- cause lady justice doesn't read reviews."

NOPH: Any review, or reviewer specifically??

PHI: "No! Whaty'think im nuts? plum loco? lol. No. like i said, i just don't think there should be a half life to that shelf life, for instance, i don't think i should have to see some crap review from some student "news"paper have a longer life than a good review from a local or national paper... or vice a versa for that matter. And where's the reviewer now, whats he or she doing?"

NOPH: Do you really think it matters that much?

PHI: "Yes i do, one of the first thing people do now a days is "google" somebody."

NOPH: Don't you think the said "googler" can tell the difference?

PHI: "Well you'd hope so, but whats driving them to "google you" in the first place, why not just meet, or see, or buy a ticket, and make up their own minds. I'm not the only artist who feels this way- and its not that im oh so sensitive, i'm just of the mind that it's an imbalance."

NOPH: So it's part n' parcel.

PHI: "Or is that art n' arsehole.'

NOPH: Nice one- haha lol

PHI: [Still lol.] "Yeah that was pretty good. lol Well hey, i gotta go google myself some more-

NOPH: Don't go blind!

PHI: hah-nice one!"

NOPH: I'll bet it is!

PHI: Ooh well done- a double header.

NOPH: oooh really??

PHI: " your crackin' me up- always could. lol. Peace nophy."

NOPH: [laughing]"'Always could- ??"-. Peace.

PHI: What are you laffin at?

NOPH: O' nothing-

NOPH: So there you have it, watch for your newletter in the mail- it is a nice one!